10am - 3pm
Wednesday 31st January 2018
Banking Hall, London, EC3V 3ND

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Featuring world-leading Security and
Geo-Political experts:

Ron Moultrie - Former Operations Director US National Security Agency

Lt General Sir Graeme Lamb - Former Director of UK Special Forces and Commander of the British Field Army

Topics covered will include:

  • Basic Hygiene; Breaches are not always caused by criminals or machines. We will show you some basics to protect your business.
  • Discovery; Simple patching can save your business, but you can't patch what you can't see
  • Human Factors; Whether cloud-based, on-premise or hybrid, cyber security impacts everyone in your business, protect against insider risk and leaky buckets
  • GDPR; We have a proposition that will simplify the complex

ITC combines exceptional knowledge, experience and expertise to deliver Protection, Detection and Reaction.

See you at the Banking Hall:
...Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves...

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