[Virtual Roundtable] UK Healthcare Dome

Wednesday 21st April at 1pm-2pm BST

Please join industry experts and peers for a dedicated healthcare roundtable discussing
“Strengthening our Cyber Immunity with Healthcare Collective Defence”.

The healthcare sector continues to be the most targeted industry by nation-states and cyber criminals since the start of the pandemic. Cyber threats, including criminal ransomware which has followed an upward trend by more than three times compared to previous years, continue to pose risks at a time when the pandemic has increased our reliance on technology.

The current model of defending alone is no longer sustainable. Just as threat actors continue to cooperate with each other to cause harm, it is time to consider a different strategy – one where healthcare providers defend together.

- How can the healthcare sector increase its cyber resilience?
- Is there a way to multiply defences without having to multiply investments?

Join experts from ITC, IronNet, and healthcare industry peers for an interactive roundtable discussion. We’ll share insight on how the UK’s first Healthcare Dome provides the dedicated framework to keep the healthcare industry cyber safe.

Key takeaways:

- What is the UK Healthcare Dome?
- How does collaborating in real-time protect our healthcare?
- Meaningful actions businesses can take today to protect against the threats of tomorrow.


- John Ford, ex-CISO for Healthcare and Cyber Strategist, IronNet
- Mandeep Gosal, Director of Professional Services, ITC Secure
- More to be announced

For more information please reach out to: [email protected]