ITC Secure invites you to our breakfast seminar on Thursday, 24 November 2022 at The Moniker in London. 

This session will provide you with an overview of the major challenges facing the insurance sector, including the geopolitical risks and state-sponsored attacks. 

We will enable you to understand how to mitigate those risks and provide you with clear advice on how to navigate your cyber security journey now and into the future.


  • 8:15 Breakfast upon arrival
  • 8:30 Welcome
  • 8:40 The geopolitical threat landscape
    - Sir Graeme Lamb
  • 9.00 Challenges facing the insurance sector
    - Arno Robbertse, CEO, ITC Secure
  • 9.20 Closing remarks
  • 9.30 Q&A
  • 9.45 Networking

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